Miriam Preissel

Miriam L. Preissel

Artist Statement

My work has evolved over the years from documentary to conceptual. Instead of collecting moments, I create the moments, design them, by chipping away at the ritual boxes we have had designed for us and are expected to accept and live within.

My series, Men In Tutus, on first glance will, of course, relate to the viewer’s conscious reality, but my hope is that the juxtaposed irony and metaphor will tickle the subconscious as well. In either reality, I hope the imagery is enjoyed and smiles are created.

My looming question is “Why not?” We know the reasons “Why we don’t," We can dial them up, defend them and attack when we feel insecure. Too many times go through life looking for the “Why nots”. We all want to climb that mountain and ride that rapid (metaphorically), and anyone who has ever been talked out of a life experience is aware of this conflict.

“Why not?’ Or possibly, “What’s stopping me?” From religious restrictions instilled at infancy, to inherited cultural ritual…. So many limitations are founded on other people’s dogma.

Life is just too good for that.

George Bailey should have had his day.

Just put on the damn tutu.


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